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In this WP Traffic Up review, I am going to demonstrate this amazing plugin on my own blog and show you how it can EXPLODE your list and sales!

A short while ago, two of the most popular Internet browsers were updated.  Statistics show that almost 92.4% of the entire world’s population uses these two browsers to surf the Internet!

You’re probably thinking, what does that have to do with Internet Marketing or with the WP Traffic Up plugin?

Well, it has a lot to do with it, and Internet Marketers who use exit traffic capture technology such as exit pop-ups and exit splash pages realized just how much almost immediately.

WP Traffic Up review

In my estimation, roughly 75% of all Internet Marketers most use what are most commonly referred to as “exit pops.”

Exit pops are messages that appear at the top of the screen when a visitor clicks on the little “x” that closes a browser tab.  They are commonly used to entice the visitor to stay on the page in order to get a fantastic free gift.  In this way, Internet Marketers can maximize their traffic and use exit traffic to build their list, promote CPA offers, or even another blog post or sales page.

While some Internet Marketers disapprove of this technology, most use it.  Why?  Well, it’s proven to be very effective.  For instance, let’s say you purchase a solo ad and a visitor lands on your squeeze page but decides not to subscribe your list.  When they leave, a message pops up asking if they would like to check out another free offer.  Many times, the visitor would decide to view the free offer, and they would subscribe.

You may be asking yourself why a visitor would subscribe to a second offer and not the first.  There are lots of reasons.  Maybe the first offer didn’t interest them, or maybe they already had it.  At any rate, the end result was a new subscriber that the marketer would not have had without that exit pop.

You might be wondering why this WP Traffic Up review is related to a couple of browser updates.

Well, the browser updates immediately KILLED traditional exit-pop ups.  You see, the whole power of exit pops lies in the fact that a marketer can put their own customized message into the pop-up, and in the end, that’s what made people click “Stay On This Page” instead of “Leave.”  The browser updates took away the ability to use a customized message.  Instead, they made it so all exit pop-ups used a standardized message that was the same for everyone.  And to top it all off, the wording of the message they chose makes absolutely no sense and works to basically make sure the visitor will click the “Leave” button.

Here’s what these exit pop-ups look like since the update:

Exit Pop Up

As you can clearly see, there is no customized message, just some mumbo-jumbo that nobody even understands.

Fortunately, we have a NEW and IMPROVED exit-pop up software that is less intrusive and seamlessly integrates into any WordPress blog.  It’s called WP Traffic Up, and it is absolutely AMAZING!

Want to see it in action on my blog? Check out this post and you can see how seamlessly this plugin works.

Also, you’ll notice that I have used it in this exact post that you are reading right now!

If you want to get a really in-depth look at this plugin and see how powerful it really is, watch my review video below.

WP Traffic UP Review Video




WP Traffic Up bonuses



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