Why Your Fancy Squeeze Page Doesn’t Convert As High As You’d Like!

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conversions-upDo you have a really “fancy” squeeze page that you paid a designer big bucks to create?  Did you purchase software that was “guaranteed” to create squeeze pages that convert at 40% or better?  Chances are your answers to those questions is “yes”. Chances are that those squeeze pages aren’t converting close to 40%, are they?  If your answer to that question is “no”, then you’ve got yourself a problem.

You see, when it comes to solo ads, one of the ways that you get a positive ROI (return on investment), is by getting the highest conversion rate possible.  Simply put, higher conversion rates equal more subscribers on your list, and more subscribers on your list equals more cash in your pocket.  That’s why it’s so important to achieve the highest conversion rates possible with your solo ads, and for that you need squeeze pages that convert at 40% or better.  Remember that as your conversion rates increase, your cost per lead decreases, and that’s a good thing.

I recently had a really humbling experience myself when it came to my squeeze pages. Over the last few years, I’ve probably purchased dozens of pieces of fancy squeeze page software, DFY funnels, templates, etc.

Let’s just say I thought I had some pretty nice squeeze pages and knew what I was doing when it came to converting visitors into subscribers. I’d mostly used “free” traffic methods to build my list. I put quotes around the word “free” because we all know it’s not really free. I did things like ad swaps, click banking, YouTube, guest blogging, forums, etc. Those methods all take up your time, so they aren’t really free IMO.

Anyway, getting back on track… I had been saving up to delve into the world of paid traffic a few months ago, and I figured the first one I would try would be solo ads. I had about 5K to spend, and so I went in the Facebook groups, found the good sellers, and started buying up 100-500 click solos from different vendors. In a few days the clicks started rolling in. I had never really done much tracking before because all of the traffic was “free”. This time, since I paid for it, I decided to track the traffic very closely.

Let’s just say that my conversion rates were disappointing at best. I was averaging around 18%-23%. All the while I’m noticing in testimonials that other buyers always seem to get over 40%. It really started to bug me and so I fixated on it for while. At first I think, what can be wrong? It can’t be my squeeze pages. Can it? Yet seller after seller told me that’s exactly what it was. My squeeze pages were “too fancy”. I was making fundamental mistakes, like using the wrong colors, asking for their name and email instead of just their email, putting my opt-in form and CTA below the fold, etc.

I have to say I didn’t want to believe it. The vendors provided some help but they’re busy and I didn’t want to burden them. And I also didn’t want to look like such a noob… So, I went searching through the WSO section for courses on how to get those new “guru style” templates. Turns out I found a set of 10 templates for free in the War Room. I downloaded the templates and then reminded myself to make sure I renew my War Room membership next year!

I opened Kompozer and I broke out the templates. Seems easy enough. Edit the headline and then select from an assortment of background photos that were included. I’m not a great copywriter but I think I managed to come up with something halfway decent. I uploaded the new squeeze page and then sat back and waited for my conversions to skyrocket. Only they didn’t… Don’t get me wrong, I saw an increase. I was able to gain around 10%-12%, bringing my conversion rates around 33%-35%.

Now a lot of marketers probably would have been ecstatic that they increased their conversion rate by 10% just by changing out their squeeze page. For some reason, though, it just didn’t do the trick for me. I wanted to get the most out of my solo buys, and I wasn’t going to be happy until my conversion rates were above 40%.

You have to understand that at this point I was in quite a frustrated state. Not to mention the blow to my ego. I’ve been an Internet Marketer since 2008, and I’ve been “full-time” since 2010. The realization that I’d been in the business for over 6 years and couldn’t make a squeeze page that converted over 40% was a pretty hard pill to swallow.

Like I said, 35% was better, but not good enough for me. It was back to the drawing board. Or should I say it was back to the Warrior Special Offer section! I searched through the forum for courses that could show me how to build a super high converting squeeze page, and this time I happened to come across an inexpensive course by a marketer named Mike DeVincent. I hit the buy button and settled in to watch the videos.

Let’s just say that I was totally blown away by what I saw! The course claimed that the highest converting squeeze pages were the ones that were super simple, and I do mean SUPER SIMPLE. In one of the videos, Mike showed me how to set one up. It literally took him five minutes. All he did was create a catchy headline in red lettering, and underneath it he put a call to action, and then his opt-in form. He asked for email address only and he made sure to put a really big orange “submit” button. At first I honestly thought I’d been ripped off! I couldn’t believe that the “super high converting” squeeze pages referred to in the sales letter were these basic, easy to create, super simple pages.

I decided to give it a shot and I thought of a catchy headline, created an opt-in form in my autoresponder, and set the page up. I uploaded it to my server and it was live and ready to accept traffic. You can check out the page I created here. Very basic, right?

The setup was the easy part. The acid test was going to be sending some solo traffic my new squeeze page. I purchased a 100-click solo from one of my top “go to” solo sellers, and I anxiously awaited the traffic.

What happened next was absolutely INCREDIBLE!

The very simple and very basic squeeze page that Mike had shown me how to design converted at a whopping 56%! I couldn’t believe it. I had feelings of disbelief and exhilaration all at the very same time!

However, I wasn’t fully convinced. This could simply be a fluke. Maybe the vendor had really great traffic, or maybe he used a bot or something and the subscribers weren’t real. I was pretty sure they were real, though, because this seller had sent me lots of great traffic in the past.

At any rate, I decided to give it another go with a different seller. The results were almost the same. 52% conversion this time! And then 56% after that, and 48% after that, and so on and so on! This wasn’t just a fluke. This really WORKED!

I must have spent hundreds on fancy pieces of software and squeeze page templates, and this simple little five-minute page beat them all!

I shared this story with you today to prove a point to you. That is that sometimes simpler is better, at least when it comes to squeeze pages!

If you have any questions about how to build a simple, high converting squeeze page, please shoot me an email at: betonblack28@gmail.com. I will point you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading!  I sincerely hope you learned something from this post.

– CJ

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