The Plague Review – Jeremy Kennedy’s Launch Is Infectious!

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the plague review

In this review of The Plague, I’m going to tell you why this is one disease that you’ll want to catch!

I have a routine that I go through every morning for my business.  I roll out of bed around ten or eleven o’clock, grab myself a cup of coffee, head back upstairs to my office and flip on my computer.  I have several tasks I need to complete, and I don’t always do them in the same order.  One of the things I like to do is to go through JVZoo and Warrior Plus and find out what new products have launched that day.

This morning I happened to see Jeremy Kennedy’s name on the list, and so I immediately clicked through to check out his latest launch.  If you’ve been in the business for any notable length of time you’ve probably heard of Jeremy Kennedy.  He’s got a reputation for launching fantastic quality products that work really well.  He’s known to thoroughly test a method before he announces that it will be beneficial to an online business.

I was looking over The Plague sales page, and I found it extremely entertaining, which of course piqued my curiosity even more.  One of the other things I like to do as part of my morning routine is check my messages and friend requests on Facebook. While there, I decided to send Jeremy a message on Facebook and ask if he would allow me to review his product, and to my delight, he agreed.

I downloaded The Plague PDF and immediately opened the file.  I found 30 pages inside, so I began to read.  I learned right away that The Plague introduces a very unique social network that is not set up like any other social network I’ve ever seen.  It puts you on even footing with every single other member.  You have just as much chance of your content going viral than the next guy or gal.

So how does it work?  Well, in order to use the network you need to download an app.  You can share images, links, videos, and text through your tablet and/or other mobile devices.  Once you share your content, you simply sit back and watch it go viral! In that way, it’s kind of like Instagram.  However, that’s where the similarities end. If you share your images and video on Instagram you know that they have very little chance of going viral unless you’re an extremely beautiful woman or you have a lot of cute kittens!

The most important thing to understand about The Plague is that it’s not just a 30-page e-book that tells you about a new social network.  Not at all.  Inside, you will learn all about the network, but Jeremy is also going to show you how you can use it to drive tons of traffic, and more importantly, how to monetize that traffic. There are 5 methods that he goes over in detail that you can implement as soon as you download the app.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into too much more detail about exactly how this social network works and drives traffic to you because I would end up giving away the farm, so to speak.  I will tell you that this network is rapidly gaining popularity and so if I were you I would jump on this today!  Oh, and one more thing — You WILL get addicted to using this network!

The Plague – My Video Review


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