The Number One Reason Why Many Internet Marketing Products Suck!

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69I’m all for people wanting to become Internet entrepreneurs.  After all, it’s what I did, even though it was never really my intention.

I moved to Tempe, Arizona in late November 2007.  I’d been an east coaster all my life so you can imagine there was just a bit of culture shock. Shock aside, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily I was able to land a pretty decent job as an Assistant Food & Beverage Manager at a local golf resort.

I’d worked in the hospitality industry, food service to be more precise,  since I was legally able to work.  I guess you could say it’s just about all I really knew how to do with any proficiency.  I’m a former Army National Guardsman, but as you can imagine, nobody was looking to hire a private army in Arizona, so food service it was!

Well, to make a really long story much shorter, the economy pretty much tanked about two years after I moved to Arizona.  Travel & tourism related businesses like hotels, timeshares, restaurants, travel agencies, and of course — golf resorts, were hit hardest.  It was inevitable that I was going to lose my job, and sure enough, it happened.

It wasn’t too long after I lost my job that I discovered affiliate marketing.  I began to study more and more about it.  I worked at it for 2 years before I discovered list building, and the rest, as they say — is history.

Right around now I’d be willing to bet you’re wondering what all this has to do with many Internet Marketing products being low quality crap.  Well, the story I just told you about myself is becoming more and more common these days.  Thousands of people are losing their jobs and then making the decision to become Internet entrepreneurs.  I think that’s a fantastic thing.  Speaking from experience, being your own boss is a wonderful feeling.

One of the many Internet Marketing falsehoods that people accept as truth is that Internet Marketing is an actual niche.  The reality is that Internet Marketing is not a niche, but a term that encompasses any kind of marketing that is done online.  The main niches that people often classify as “Internet Marketing,” are niches like “make money online” (MMO) and “biz opp” (online business opportunities).  These niches are often the two most scrutinized niches in Internet Marketing because they are known to attract a lot of scammers and spammers.  Unfortunately, this often ruins it for the majority of marketers in those niches who are 100% honest and above board.

That brings me to the reason for this post.  There is a disturbing trend developing as of late with new and inexperienced Internet Marketers in the “biz opp/make money online” niches.  A lot of them are practicing a business model that focuses on creating their own info products and positioning themselves as “coaches.” Some of you may be wondering what the problem is here.  Simply put, the problem is that an inexperienced individual is offering to teach others how to be successful using methods and tactics that they themselves have very little or no knowledge about.  In others words, it’s like the blind leading the blind.

This results in poor quality products that don’t deliver on their promises.  It’s no surprise considering the author of the product didn’t know what he/she was talking about when they created the product.  It almost seems wrong to blame the product creator, since all they were doing was following the directions of the product they previously purchased.  It doesn’t take long until a vicious cycle id developed of clueless marketers teaching other clueless marketers how to launch low quality products.  If you take the time to scroll through the marketplace of one of the popular affiliate networks, you’ll most certainly unearth dozens of “thin” products that were created by people who have no right teaching others about that particular subject.

I belong to a really great Internet Marketing forum called The Warrior Forum.  I’m sure many of you have heard of it.  I see threads all the time about brand new Internet Marketers asking how they can get help creating their first product.  I mean, some of these people have only been marketing for a few weeks.  What on Earth would make anyone think that they are qualified to launch their own product after just a few weeks?  What’s even more disturbing is that there are many experienced, highly successful Internet Marketers who are actually preaching this stuff.  It’s not just inexperienced marketers.

I think this is one of the main ways that the “make money in 24 hours” myth is being perpetuated.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Starting an online business is far from easy.  It’s probably more difficult than most offline jobs.  People are under the impression that they can just put up a squeeze page, build a list, and start raking in the bucks.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is just so much more to it.  I don’t blame newbies for believing they can make lots of money in just hours, though.  There are so many people telling them that it must be hard for them NOT to believe it!

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from getting into Internet Marketing.  Quite the opposite, in fact. I want each and every one of you to succeed so you can experience the financial and physical freedom that comes along with making your living from the World Wide Web.

However, and I can’t stress this enough — you MUST do it right!  If anyone comes along and tells you that in just a few short days or weeks all of your financial troubles will be over, you should run away as fast as you can!  Don’t give up, though.  You simply need to find good information and even hire a good mentor if you have the resources.  Internet Marketing is certainly not rocket science, and if you are willing to take it slow and become an expert in your niche, you’ll have a bright future ahead of you.

In short, I urge you not to become one of those marketers who starts pumping out crappy product after crappy product just to turn a quick buck.  Instead, learn as much as you possible can about your niche and then work on teaching others from your extensive pool of proper valuable knowledge.  Soon enough you’ll become known as a real authority figure in your niche, and prospects, leads, and sales will start seeking you out, not the other way around!

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