Social Media Plan Of Attack Review – Get It For $1.97!

Posted at May 8, 2013 by Christopher Mollo on category Internet Marketing Product Reviews, Really Cheap Info Products, Social Media

Social Media Plan Of Attackby Christopher Mollo

Those of you that have purchased products from me in the past know that I often sell really good eBooks for less than $2.  Well, Social Media Plan Of Attack is no exception!

I’m able to offer such a great price because I purchase the private label rights to these products and that allows me to sell them at any price that I see fit (unless the license states otherwise).  The main reason I sell them so cheap is to help my subscribers.  I want to give them some great information that I know will teach them something but I don’t want to hurt their wallet.  I’ve received many thanks since I started doing this about a year ago so I know it’s a good solid plan.

Social Media Plan Of Attack has 41 info-packed pages, and it’s guaranteed to open your eyes to some social media facts that you probably didn’t know.  Again, the price is ONLY $1.97.  CLICK HERE to scoop it up!

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