No Cost Income Stream Review

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no cost income stream reviewby Christopher Mollo

Does it really take money to make money? That’s something that this No Cost Income Stream review seeks to explore. This review is evaluating the No Cost Income Stream system, which purports to provide a way to make money online without spending any money in start up fees. Does it succeed in this claim? Read on to find out!


What is the No Cost Income Stream?

The No Cost Income Stream is an Internet marketing method devised by entrepreneur Eric Holmlund. The method is designed to help people who are completely new to the Internet marketing industry as well as those who are already experienced at marketing. The focus of the video, and thus of our No Cost Income Stream review, is using free targeted marketing techniques that have a very high return rate. The team behind this includes experts Paul Counts and Jeff Wellman, who specialize in getting advertising online, on radio and television, and more. All three staff members seek to impart their knowledge to others, which is what led to this presentation on the No Cost Income Stream download.

The Human Side of Business

One of the first things worth mentioning in this No Cost Income Stream review is the way in which the video presentation highlights the human side of business. Holmlund, Counts, and Wellman are each given comprehensive introductions that show them with their family and engaging in hobbies such as fishing and tending to chickens. They are engaged in this important way to show the human side of the business. Because they are willing to share their personal experiences and hobbies, they become more trustworthy to the audience. The introduction may seem a little long to some viewers, but it is an important way of establishing credibility and showing off their unique personalities.

How to Make Money Without Spending Money

Is it possible to make money without spending money first? Holmlund and company state that it is, and the rest of this No Cost Income Stream review will focus on whether that claim is sufficiently supported. The No Cost Income Stream itself is a set of 39 step-by-step training videos that are intended to provide the secrets to profiting online without putting down a huge investment first. One of the ways that this is done is through affiliate marketing that focuses on profit pulling without investing a lot in domain registration and other setup fees. So now the big question: how is it done?

Mining the Internet’s Potential

The Internet is filled with free trials and no cost web tools, and the No Cost Income Stream targets them and helps you find them. As the video continues, it becomes more obvious that what seems like an unrealistic dream at first is actually possible. The No Cost Income Stream download is a series of videos that provide you with different modules and how-to videos that will allow you to find domain hosting, web traffic analysis, and marketing tools for free. The main reason that these tools are not used by more organizations throughout the world is largely due to the sheer marketing power of giants like Google and Microsoft. As outlined in this No Cost Income Stream review, there is another way.

Overall, this No Cost Income Stream review is a positive one. The introductory video does a good job of introducing the entire team involved in this marketing breakthrough, showing us their human sides before launching into the pitch. The prospect of utilizing a marketing campaign without putting money down up front may seem unrealistic, but the video explains how it can happen, and the downloaded training modules can help you create a business at no cost.


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