NEVER Get Scammed With Solo Ads Again!

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sdecover-medIf you know anything at all about list building in the “Biz Opp” niche, you know that solo ads are one of the fastest, most efficient, and most profitable ways to build your list.

However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, they can be an absolute disaster! The reason for that is because while there are many reputable, honest sellers, there may be just as many scammers! It’s not like solo ads are cheap, either. A good solo ad can cost as much as $40-$100 for 100 clicks! Therefore, if you don’t know exactly who you are purchasing from, you can lose a lot of money.

There are many different ways in which a dishonest vendor can scam customers. The most popular way is by using what’s called a “bot.” The word “bot” is short for “web robot.” A web robot is a software application that can run automated tasks over the internet. This includes things like opting in to web forms and even confirming email addresses. In short, bots can make it look like you got real traffic and subscribers from your solo ad vendor, when in fact all you got are “fake” clicks.

I know from experience that the absolute best solo ad vendors do business on Facebook. However, because there are so many vendors on Facebook that means there are also lots of customers, and where there are potential customers with money to spend, there will also be lots of scam artists.

A lot of people who have gotten scammed on Facebook will often turn to solo ad marketplaces because they think that these vendors are 100% safe because the marketplace has verified them. Again, that’s false. Marketplaces like Udimi are probably the worst places to buy solo ads. They are often filled with amateur vendors and list builders with tired, worn out lists. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time buying from those “click mills.” I once purchased a solo ad from a “top” vendor at Udimi and it just so happened that I was on her list, so I got the email she sent out with my link in it. I was shocked to see that in the email there were 3 other links belonging to other customers. As if that wasn’t enough, the email swipe was nothing more than a few words and a picture of the vendor in a bikini! GIVE ME A BREAK! A swipe like that is not going to produce very responsive subscribers at all. In a word, it’s a joke.

I guess you could say that I got sick and tired of the BS in those click mills, so I decided to scour Facebook and find the best sellers. That led to the creation of the Solo Detective Solodex. The solodex contains a list of 100+ honest, reliable sellers that I put through a very rigorous testing process to make sure they were legit.

I had ordered from over 50 of the sellers listed and gotten positive results, so I knew those sellers were alright. The others, however, had to go through my investigative process in order to score a coveted listing in the solodex. I made them send me 25 free clicks, which I then put through an IP checker to make sure they were not proxies (proxies indicate bot clicks). If that wasn’t enough, I also made sure they had numerous positive testimonials that included buyers reporting that they made sales from the solos. Also, unless I got at least 7 opt-ins from the 25 clicks they sent (28% minimum conversion), they were not included in the solodex. I did that to make sure that their traffic was interested in “Biz Opp” offers.

I firmly believe that this list of solo sellers is one of the most comprehensive vendor lists ever compiled. The chances of you getting scammed by any of the sellers listed in this solodex is very slim (almost none). The bottom line is that if you are building your list with solo ads, this list is a MUST HAVE!

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