My List Profit Boost Interview On The James Knight Show!

Posted at June 8, 2014 by Christopher Mollo on category Email Marketing, Internet Marketing Tips, List Building Programs, Online Business Opportunities, Product Releases, Really Cheap Info Products

300x250I’m really proud to announce that last week List Profit Boost was launched!  List Profit Boost was developed by Billy Davis and I to teach newbies and pros alike how to go about building a highly responsive email subscriber list.

List Profit Boost is a membership site that I like to call a “soup to nuts” course about email marketing & list building.  The most important thing that any aspiring Internet Marketer can do is to build a highly targeted list of hungry subscribers who want to buy what they are selling!

This is much easier said than done, as many of you probably know.  You can go to just about any Internet Marketing forum and ask how to make money online, and the answer you are going to get is “you have to build a list.”  That’s great advice.  The problem is, though, nobody wants to show you exactly how to do it.  Nobody wants to tell you that you need your own domain and web hosting, or that you need a high converting professionally designed squeeze page, or that you need fresh content to mail to your list and great products to market to them, etc.

That’s where List Profit Boost comes in. Billy and I have set up an “all in one list building business in a box”, as we like to call it.  We teach you list building from the ground up.  We give you top quality squeeze pages and reports to give away in exchange for email addresses.  We give you top notch video products to sell to your list for 100% profits.  We give you a high converting ready to sell one-time offer to add to your sales funnel. We show you how to set up all of the technical stuff.  We show you how to drive traffic to your squeeze pages.  And the best part is we bestow our 10 years of combined list building knowledge on you!

Since this is a monthly membership, we are going to be giving you loads of new squeeze pages, video products, WordPress plugins, tips, tricks & more EVERY month like clockwork!  List Profit Boost is the membership that keeps on giving!  Our main goal is to show you how to build a list and then how to use that list to make money on the Internet!  And we have priced this awesome membership so that everyone can afford it.  Believe me, I have seen some “gurus” charging hundreds of dollars for what we are going to give you for just $9.95 per month!

I recently had the honor of appearing on the James Knight & Kristie Chiles web show and I was interviewed about List Profit Boost.  Please take a minute and watch the video and you can learn even more about this wonderful membership!

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