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Posted at April 23, 2013 by Christopher Mollo on category List Building Programs, Website Reviews

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I’m not a big safelist or traffic exchange person.  I messed around with them a little bit when I was first starting and I learned pretty quickly that the traffic was crap.  Sure, you got traffic to your website fast, of that there’s no doubt.  However, the traffic is coming from other people like yourself who are just clicking away to get more hits to their website.  They aren’t really paying attention to what your website has to offer.

A safelist is a step up (a very small step mind you) from a traffic exchange IMO.  For those unfamiliar, a safelist is a group of people who agree to receive emails from each other in exchange for credits.  Those credits can then be applied to their own mailings.  Usually one credit equals one person, meaning if you have 100 credits at the time of your mailing, the email will go out to 100 members.

Yesterday I received an email about Darren Olander’s ListJumper.  ListJumper is a safelist – of sorts.  It’s pretty much designed the same way, but there are some major differences.  The first being that it’s very responsive.  I guess if I had one sentence to describe it, I would say ListJumper is “a safelist on steroids!”

The concept is pretty much the same.  You agree to receive emails from other members, which you open and read for 20 seconds.  Once you’ve done that you are awarded credits, which in turn are used for your mailings.  However, there are a ton of awesome features that other safelists don’t have.  Most notably, the “jump” feature.  You can use your credits to “jump” ahead of other members.  Then, when you send out your mailing, it is received by the members behind you in line that you have “jumped”.

ListJumper is free to join, but there are also upgraded memberships.  and those memberships are where the real action is.  I purrchased a “Silver” membership for $22 a month and that allows me to reach 3,000 members automatically every 3 days, and it also allows me to use up to 6,000 of my own credits.  This means that I can reach up to 9,000 members every 72 hours.  Do the math and you’ll realize that with a Silver membership I have the potential to reach 90,000 members every month.  That’s going to have a huge impact on my business!

I’ve only sent out one mailing so far, and I did this last night.  I’ve taken a little screen shot of my mailing stats and you can see that as of right now I have enjoyed a 4% click through rate, which is unheard of for a safelist!  That’s why I’m so damn excited about this new membership.

Click Image to Enlarge

If you think 90,000 people a month is huge, then you should see the “Gold” membership!  That costs $34.95 per month or $350 per year if you want to buy a year outright. Gold members are able to mail 6,000 random active members after them in the line every 3 days. Again, no credits required for sending mail, just login every 3 days, fill out the form and send. Or, earn some extra credits and use up to 8,000 extra to reach up to a total of 14,000 people every 3 days! That’s 140,000 people per month!

ListJumper is absolutely perfect for those who don’t have a list at all, or are just starting out and have a very small list.  I would recommend this for every marketer.  If you don’t want to put out any loot without trying the service that’s just fine.  As a free member you are able to mail up to 1200 random members after you in the line every day using mailing credits.  Of course, you will have to earn every single credit as a free member and that means opening and reading emails from other members every day.

I hope this little ListJumper review has opened your eyes a little to this great program.  If you want to sign up, just CLICK HERE NOW!

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