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imilogoWhen people email me and ask me what’s the quickest way to make a sustainable living from the internet, the answer always comes easy to me. List building. Email marketing. Yup. It really is that simple.

Do you know what 99.5% of successful Internet Marketers have in common? They usually have a large list of contacts and customers that they can get in touch with at the click of a button. They can get instant, highly targeted visitors to visit their online offers, affiliate products, blogs, niche sites, and just about any other website they want.

So what is Internet Marketing Ignition? It’s a 7-day online Internet Marketing course that focuses on the fundamental aspects of building a list. What’s more, the methods revealed in the course are mostly free or very low cost to implement.

It’s truly a great course for newbies that want to get their feet wet, but pros can learn a thing or two as well. The course is delivered over 7 days so that it gives you plenty of time to for you to absorb the curriculum. Each day you will receive a highly detailed lesson that will lay out a fundamental part of this list building method.

At the end of 7 days you will know what you need to do to get started, and many of you will then decide to take the next step to get your business up and running. Contrary to popular opinion, starting an Internet business is not costly, and can usually be done with $50 or less. The main things you will need are a domain to point your websites to, web hosting to host your website files on the internet, and an autoresponder account to collect email addresses and send your newsletters out.

You will learn which of the web hosting and autoresponder services I prefer to use, but you can always use any service you prefer, as there are many choices.

Signing up for the course is completely free, and if you are interested just click the link below.

>>> Click HERE to enroll in the Internet Marketing Ignition 7-day Internet Marketing course! <<<

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