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Posted at January 31, 2016 by Christopher Mollo on category Internet Marketing Tips, SEO, Social Media, Traffic Generation, Website Reviews

Hand pointing at a Internet Marketing illustration on blue background.Most small business owners are looking for an affordable and efficient online marketing company to handle their SEO services.

Let us tell you why we are able to offer affordable SEO services. SEO entails getting traffic by ranking your website higher in specific search terms that your potential clients use to search for your goods or services giving you search engines results. This can be achieved by making sure your on-page SEO to your website is done correctly and that you are building great links from other websites that share products or services in your industry.

Creating these two things in conjunction with each other will make it much easier for search engines to interpret and understand your content and rank you higher in those search terms you are looking for.

There are a lot of companies offering SEO services, but we know it’s hard to find a company that is affordable and efficient and that always delivers. Many SEO companies offer affordable prices, but can they deliver solid results?

This is a question you should ask yourself before handing over your money. I.A.Marketing makes sure to deliver results in 6 months with guaranteed top rankings or do not pay a dime till we do. And we will show you your rankings from month to month to make sure you see the difference between us and them!


I.A.Marketing SEO Vancouver

We understand that most clients, especially small business owners, cannot afford high expenses, so we decided offer a unique SEO service with “Hub Marketing” a system that only cost $10 a month.

At I.A.Marketing created industry specific websites for clients to join where there is never a geographical competitor and everyone wins by jointing the community within the industry. Once we prove how we help your business “Boom” with our Hub Marketing strategy we hope to win over the SEO to your website too.

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