How To Turn Your Blog Into A List Building Machine in 2016!

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list building with your blog

If you’ve signed up for blog updates or have been following my posts lately, you know that I am in the process of turning my blog into a list building machine.

All of the top marketers have been preaching the importance of content marketing in 2016, and recently I’ve been doing research that shows that it’s the truth.

I purchased a blogging course several weeks ago, and this course was from well-known marketer Ryan Deiss.  He’s one of the marketers that I follow because he preaches the importance of using your blog to build a following.

It’s not easy to change your marketing routine, especially when it means that you are going to be making less money for a while as you implement your new marketing plan.  The thing is, though, in order to grow your business you need to constantly be changing and adapting to current trends.

One of the weaknesses I have always add is the ability to create good content.  I’ll admit that.  I’m in a niche where there are lots of other methods people use to build your list that don’t have anything to do with blogging.  I was always able to add tons of subscribers to my list from doing ad swaps, click banking, and JV giveaway events.  However, it’s no secret that the autoresponder companies frown on these methods and have even started to close the accounts of certain marketers who engage in these practices.  In other words, they are pretty much “taboo” nowadays.

I was worried about this at first, however, because I knew I had to change the way I was building my list, but I had no idea how to do it.  This left me with a real problem.  Since I had stopped doing ad swaps, I saw an immediate drop off of new leads.  This meant a couple of things.  First, it meant that I had to treat my current subscribers like gold (which they deserved anyway), and it meant I had to find new traffic sources to bring in leads.

This was no easy task.  I had tried paid advertising like Facebook ads and Google Adwords, and I didn’t have very much luck.  Inevitably, I turned back to what I had done when I first started building my online business — blogging.  I’ll admit I wasn’t very excited about it, and I thought that it would only be a matter of a few months until my business was dead.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I began to notice that by publishing useful content and videos I was attracting some pretty great leads.  While I wasn’t adding the same amount of people to my list every day, the leads I did add were super high quality.  The end result was nothing short of amazing.  I was actually making more money from a smaller list!

Once I realized I could sustain my current level of sales by adding higher quality leads through blogging, it gave me the chance to learn more about paid advertising, particularly Facebook ads.  There are quite a few top marketers who are absolutely killing it with Facebook ads, and they are paying less than .05 per click in some instances!

Well, I bet you can guess what my next venture will be.  I’m going to learn how to leverage Facebook ads to add even more top quality targeted leads to my list!

My message is simple: Forget about taking the easy way out to build your list.  Learn how to produce great content and effectively leverage Facebook and Bing ads and you will never run out of high quality leads for your business!

BTW, I mentioned that I recently installed SumoMe on my blog.  If you aren’t using that incredible service, head over there and get signed up.  It’s free!

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4 responses for How To Turn Your Blog Into A List Building Machine in 2016!

  1. You know what that does sound strange at first that a blog can get sign ups just from a Subscribe To My Newsletter phrase but it is the content that obviously won that subscriber over. I remmber Jason Parker used to say back in the day to nest a big subscription form under your blog header that spreads across the whole width but at the time it just did not look right to me BUT what looks right to me may not always look enticing to a potential subscriber and vice versa.

    As for content curation there are many plugins that do it and a good one I found for free was SuperNews 😉

    • You’re right on the money. I always thought that was kind of strange also that people would sign up just for “blog updates.” I have been finding out pretty quickly that they will indeed sign up without hesitation if they love your content.

      I also have other opt-ins on my blog, but the best performing one so far as been the pop-up that fires when people are about to leave. I recently discovered a service called SumoMe and that’s what I’m using for my pop-up form. I also use Feedburner to allow people to sign up for blog updates, which is a free service provided by Google.

      I absolutely believe 100% that the way forward for 2016 is to provide incredible content and build my list through my blog. Of course, there are other list building methods that are still viable, but my main source of subscribers will be coming from my blog. I’ve also discovered that when you can rank an article on the first page of Google results for your chosen keyword that traffic you get is very responsive.

      The bottom line is that I want to help people with my content and then have them sign up to my list because they appreciated my help and not because I am offering a freebie. So far it’s been slow going, but every day it seems to pick up more and more.

  2. Mahfuz says:

    Wow!! this is a nice post . I have really benefited reading this post. Thank you for sharing this to me