Gorilla Marketing Pro Team Training #1

Posted at April 23, 2017 by Christopher Mollo on category GMP Training Videos

gorilla marketing pro team training

What’s up team?  I hope everyone is doing well.  I’m really excited because this is my very first Gorilla Marketing Pro team training video, and it’s a great one!

GMP Team Training Video #1

In this video, I reveal my method for getting 98 GMP referrals added to my list inside Gorilla Marketing Pro!

And, as a Platinum Plus member, I’m able to send them an email once EVERY 24 HOURS!

Well, enough about how great my GMP Platinum Plus membership is!  Today you are going to learn EXACTLY how I added almost 100 referrals in 30 days!  I cover everything in detail, and leave nothing to guesswork.  It is almost forty minutes long, so make sure you’ve got a little time put aside.

In the video, I talk about my personal list of over 100 solo ad buyers that I have used and had good luck with.


Also, there are several Facebook groups discussed that you should join.  Here are some of the links to the best Facebook groups:

Testimonial Groups:





Buy/Sell Groups:




I think that between my list of proven sellers and the above Facebook groups, you should have no problems finding some good solo sellers.  Remember, try to get the best price possible.  Solo ads can run anywhere from $30 for 100 to $100 for 100 clicks.  When it comes to promoting Gorilla Marketing Pro, I look to buy clicks in the $35-$45 range for 100 clicks.

As I mentioned in the video, should anyone have any questions or need assistance of any kind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.  The best ways to get in touch with for the fastest response is through Facebook Messenger or the contact page on this blog.

I’ll be back with training #2 in just a few days.  In the next training, I’m thinking of trying a new traffic source and recording the results.  If it works, you’ll have a new weapon to add to your traffic arsenal.  If not, you’ll know not to invest in it the future!

Hope to have a new video for you soon!

CJ Mollo

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