Gorilla Marketing Pro Review – I LOVE IT!

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gorilla marketing pro review

In this Gorilla Marketing Pro review, I’m going to spill the beans about EVERYTHING that’s in there!

First of all, I’m going to tell you right off the bat that I think it’s an INCREDIBLE system!

Now, I know you’re probably thinking that this review is already sounding like it’s a lot of hype, but bear with me.

I actually discovered this membership by accident.  Thinking back, I’m actually not sure how I even came across the squeeze page that got me into Gorilla Marketing Pro.

Anyway, it’s of no consequence.  The important thing is that I found it.

Gorilla Marketing Pro describes itself as a “hybrid MLM and Affiliate Marketing system.”  Yes, I know.  The dreaded “MLM” is in the description.  As a rule, I stay away from MLM programs, but Gorilla Marketing Pro is not a real MLM in my opinion.

A lot of digital MLM programs base their compensation packages on recruitment.  Also, they pay commissions several levels deep, which is very similar to a pyramid type system.  The way it works is that the initial referer makes commissions from their direct referrals, as well as the people who their direct referrals recruit.  Different MLM programs pay on different levels.  For instance, some may pay commissions five levels deep, and some may pay ten.  Gorilla Marketing Pro is not like this at all.

Gorilla Marketing Pro is like any other affiliate program in that it only pays you for the people you refer.  Also, Gorilla Marketing Pro provides you with an amazing packaging of training materials and business tools for only $10 per month.  That is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

What really impressed me is that these are not crappy tools, either.  All of the tools that they provide you with to build your business work great.  The landing page builder is utterly amazing, and there is even a Facebook multi group poster that comes complete with images for your Facebook group posts!

Also included is a traffic rotator, 3 terrific video courses, a library of Internet Marketing eBooks, and an autoresponder that actually works really well.

In this Gorilla Marketing Pro review, I promised to tell you everything I could about the system, and that includes pricing.  Another thing that makes this program a little different from an MLM is that there are only two memberships, free and paid (Platinum).

I know you probably think that the free membership is just a tease and designed to get you to upgrade, but you’d be wrong.  The free membership is loaded, and even includes squeeze pages and the autoresponder.  Platinum members can send out one email to their list every 24 hours, and free members can send one every 48.

Are you ready to be totally blown away?  The Platinum membership is only $10 per month!  That is AWESOME!  I should mention that there is also a one-time $10 fee for them to set up your tools, so your first payment would be $20, and then $10 per month after that.  The landing page builder software alone is worth that.  You can easily pay $30 or more per month for landing page builder software.

Also, it pays to upgrade if you plan to promote Gorilla Marketing Pro as an affiliate.  Free members only make $.10 per referral, while Platinum members make $6 for every person they refer.  The $6 commission is also recurring, meaning that you will receive that commission every month for as long as your referral remains a Platinum member. The way I look at it, you should definitely make the most of the program by promoting it, so it makes sense to upgrade.

UPDATE! New Platinum PLUS Membership!

As of April 4th, GMP has added another membership level.  It’s called Platinum Plus and it’s $25 per month. It differs from the $10 Platinum membership in that you get all the tools a Platinum ($10) member gets PLUS:

  • $15 Residual Bonus For Every Personally Referred GMP Member That Upgrades To Platinum Plus
  • Unlimited Autoresponder Custom Follow-up Emails
  • Upload 3000 of Your Own Leads Per Month

I opted to go for the Platinum Plus membership because it’s utterly amazing for only $25 per month!


I wanted this review to be as informative as possible, so here’s a couple of “behind the scenes” videos for you so you can check out exactly what you will get.

My Gorilla Marketing Pro Review Video



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