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from zero to hero reviewIf you were looking for an honest From Zero To Hero review, you finally found it!  I bet most of the other sites you looked at had raving reviews or couldn’t talk enough about how wonderful it is.  Am I getting warm?

Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m the first review you found.  If that’s the case, you are in the right place my friend!

So, let me break it down for you.  I don’t review every single product that gets released.  It probably wouldn’t even be possible, since I’m only one person and I can only do so much.

However, when I do review a product, it’s because I find that the product has merit and can actually help you achieve what it promises it can.  In other words, that’s why the majority of my reviews are good ones.  If I like a product I tell people about it.  If it’s a product I wouldn’t buy myself, I won’t review it or recommend it to anyone else.  That’s how I try to work it.

In this From Zero To Hero review, I’ll be as truthful as possible, and I’ll give you as much information as I can about the product without revealing the method entirely, as that would not be fair to the person who put his time and energy into creating this quality product.

From Zero To Hero Review

I was interested in this product from the moment I landed on the sales page.  I found the product newly listed on Warrior Plus and right away I kind of identified with the person who was in the video, who turned out to be the product creator, Riley Hunter.  I have to be completely honest here, I’d never heard of Riley before. That’s no biggie, though.  I’m sure he’s probably never heard of me, either!

The sales page had a minimalist look to it, which I’m a big fan of.  I say let your content do the talking!

What Is From Zero To Hero About?

Well, I can tell you what it’s NOT about.  No, just kidding.  I can tell you EXACTLY what it’s about.

From Zero To Hero is a complete email marketing based affiliate system.  In short, you are going to learn how to set up an autoresponder and lead capture page, and then Riley is going to show you 4 of his top traffic methods and how he uses them to quickly build up a high quality list on a very low budget.

The beauty of this Affiliate Marketing system, other than it’s one of the oldest and most reliable ways to produce income online, is that the traffic methods allow you to build a large list quickly. This means you are not going to have to wait months and months to make sales.  If you follow this course to the letter, it’s possible to make sales within days.  Of course, those results all depend on how motivated and hard working an individual is.

If you are an Internet Marketing newbie, your learning curve is going to be a little steeper.  That means it could take you longer than somebody who is experienced to see results. I can honestly say, however, that if I didn’t know whether or not this method worked, I would not be writing this From Zero To Hero review.

So, it’s about that time to break down the sales funnel and explain what each product is about, and whether or not you should invest in any of the upsells.

from zero hero review

1. From Zero To Hero (FE) – The “front end” product is a video course containing 8 modules.  The first module is an intro, followed by three videos that show you how to set up your funnel.  The final four videos teach you four traffic sources that you can use immediately to start building your list.  It’s currently priced at $7.95.

2. OTO/Upsell #1 – The first upsell is another video course that reveals three more of Riley’s super effective “secret” traffic sources.  It’s currently priced at $27.

3. OTO/Upsell #2 – The second upsell, priced at $57, is an in-depth course where Riley spills the beans on how to CRUSH IT with Bing Ads.

4. OTO/Upsell #3 – The third and final upsell is an “agency” license.  This allows you to sell the entire funnel as an affiliate for 100% commissions.  In essence, it’s like having your very own high quality product to sell.  This last upsell is priced at $197.

So which, if any, of the upsells should you get?  In my opinion, you don’t need any of them.  That said, it all depends on what you want to get out of this product.  If you are simply looking to learn how to break into the “biz opp/make money online” niche and quickly build a profit producing list, then the front end product is all you need.  It’ll show you everything you need to know.

If you want to learn about more traffic methods, which is always a good idea, then you’ll want to pick up the first upsell.  If you’re planning on using Bing Ads in the near future, then the third upsell is right for you.  If you want to be able to resell the product and keep 100% of the sale, then the final upsell is for you.  If you want to do all of the above, then get ’em all!

All joking aside, though, simply start with the front end product.  You can always go back and purchase any of the upsell products at any time later on.  You have to crawl before you can walk, etc.


The front end product comes with a really great bonus called “Live Power Affiliate.”  This product will teach you how to take advantage of live video platforms like Facebook Live.

from zero to hero bonus

All in all, I think that this From Zero To Hero review gives you enough information to make an educated purchase.

I consider myself a professional marketer, and I have to say that the method you will learn in this product is not based on theory.  This is a tried and tested Affiliate Marketing system that has been working for years.  It will continue to work for years to come, I imagine.  Don’t wait too long, though!  Get started today!



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