FB Infiltrator Review – POWERFUL New List Building Software For Facebook!

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fb-infiltrator-review-1In this exclusive FB Infiltrator review, I’m going to tell you why this is the most powerful list building software EVER CREATED!

This new Facebook list building tool does something that NO OTHER FACEBOOK SOFTWARE EVER CREATED CAN DO!

It’s called “FB Infiltrator” (it lives up to it’s name). It gives you the list exploding capability to put ENTIRE opt-in forms right in your timeline, newsfeed, fan page, or group posts!

If for some strange reason you don’t want to use it to put an opt-in form in your Facebook newsfeed, fan page or group posts, then you can add a sales pitch (or video) and “buy now” button and send people right to your sales page or affiliate offer instead!

It just launched today and you can get this for a substantial amount off of the regular price! However, according to the FB Infiltrator sales page, this is only going to last 7 days, and then the price will going up.  When the price does increase I believe it will go all the way up to $47.  As of this post, it’s selling for just $29!  That’s a massive value, believe me.

I’m so confident about this list building software that once you read this review you will not think twice. I guarantee you will hit the “BUY NOW” button IMMEDIATELY! That’s probably one of the best decisions you can make if you are serious about building a responsive, highly targeted list of hungry customers!

fb infiltrator review

If you don’t have the money to buy or you are just doing research about FB Infiltrator at this time, that’s also fine. It’s very important to do your research about new Internet Marketing software before you buy. There are so many bogus “one-click wonders” on the market, that it’s imperative to do your due diligence. However, I can tell you for sure that this software is NOT a “magic button” software.

It’s the complete opposite, in fact. It does require a little work to design your lead capture or sales capture form and set up your campaign. After that’s done, however, it turns into a viral list building monster! If you are looking for the best information out there, I’d suggest you visit the sales page and watch this demo video.

I guarantee you are going to get super excited right away as soon as you see just how POWERFUL this software is. This is NO JOKE! You’ll see right away that FB Infiltrator is NOT some “magic push button” software. It’s the REAL DEAL!

PLEASE do not pass this up. A responsive, targeted email list is the most powerful weapon you can have in your Internet Marketing arsenal. If you have not started building a list yet, then this might be the single most important tool you can get right now! And if you already have a list, then that goes for you too!

I am being 100% honest with you when I tell you that this is the best Facebook tool I have ever seen! Those that know me know that I do not use those words lightly. I strive to make this blog a site that people can trust when it comes to Internet Marketing product reviews.  If I recommend a product to my blog readers and email subscribers, that means I am serious about the product and I understand what it brings to the table. As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a table big enough to hold all of the features that FB Infiltrator has to offer!

Also, it’s important to mention that Facebook allows this 100%. It should be no problem getting ads approved as long as you are following all of their other rules regarding ads. Speaking of Facebook advertising, the software also comes with a course called called “The Premier Course”. This course will teach you how to optimize your ad buys and lower your cost-per-click to as low as $0.02 or $0.03 per click! Talk about value! This product is LOADED with it!

If you think about it, buying this software is making an investment in yourself. When it comes to an online business, YOU are your greatest asset! Well, I’m going to go ahead and wrap it up so you can start thinking of all of the ways that this new software can help you! I really hope you enjoyed this FB Infiltrator review!



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