Fan Page Money Method Review

Posted at December 4, 2014 by Christopher Mollo on category Affiliate Marketing Tips, Internet Marketing Product Reviews, Online Business Opportunities, Product Releases, Really Cheap Info Products, Social Marketing, Social Media

I hope you enjoyed my Fan Page Money Method review!  I’d like to share an interesting story with you…

Around 18 months ago I spoke to a friend of mine who was frustrated, jealous and angry at the people making easy money from Facebook because he thought he’d tried everything…

Shortly after I spoke to him he disappeared into his “Facebook learning cave” for 18 months and has now re-emerged with something quite incredible…

He used everything he’d learned and conducted a weird “Facebook money” experiment and it made $175,120!

Cool huh?

So it’s fair to say this guy knows WHERE the money is on Facebook and HOW to get it and he shows you too in this simple little report.

The report is already priced super low at $7, but since I’m a good friend of Mike’s, he’s given me a code to share with my blog readers that will get you an EXTRA 33% off the already very low price!

Here’s the coupon code: christmascash

Here’s how to use it to get 33% off:

1. Use this link => CLICK HERE!

2. Click the “Buy Now” button

3. On the checkout/order page, enter the coupon code christmascash to claim your 33% discount!

It’s that easy!  Have a happy and healthy holiday season!


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