Every Day I’m Thankful That I Discovered Internet Marketing!

Posted at November 3, 2013 by Christopher Mollo on category Rants & Raves, Thoughts & Insights

by Christopher Mollo

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about my past employment experiences.  Some were good.  Most were bad.  I actually liked the very last “job” I had and was quite content there.  Until they laid me off in 2008 with absolutely NO notice and basically kicked me to the curb, that is!

What did I “do”, you ask?  Rather, what was my profession? Well, I was the Assistant Food & Beverage Manager at a local golf resort.  I’d worked in food service for just about 20 years at the time I was laid off.  I started off as a busboy in a popular Italian restaurant a few weeks before my sixteenth birthday.  I worked my way up the chain, and finally broke into managing the front of the house.

I didn’t hate the work.  In fact, I liked it.  I now realize that I liked it just about as much as anyone as could like going out and working all week to help improve someone else’s business!  However, there is nothing like working for yourself, or “being your man.”  Let’s face it.  Working for others stinks! I never liked it.  Something about not liking being told what to do by those younger, less qualified, and with much less experience than myself.

I guess the reason for my post today is to give newbies and those aspiring to work from home and “live the dream” of turning their computer into a virtual ATM!  It can be done, but it takes work.  I’m living proof it can be done.  Let me tell you, however, that it didn’t come easy.  When I first started my online business in 2008 I didn’t even own my own computer!  I really didn’t have a need.  I had just moved to Arizona and I was staying with my parents so I had access to their PC whenever I wanted it.  I also had access to a PC at work, so I never got around to buying my own PC or notebook.

I had just gotten laid off and my savings (what little there was), were dwindling.  So I went the cheap route. Well, actually, I went the free route.  I got myself a library card from the Tempe Public Library and every day I reported for “work” at 9am and made use of their computers for the entire 6 hours allowed.  I started off doing Article Marketing.  For those unfamiliar, article marketing basically involves buying yourself a domain and redirecting it to a sales page, then writing and submitting tons of articles to all of the popular article directories.  Of course, you get to include your domain name as a link in the hopes that someone will read your article, click your affiliate link, and then make a purchase.  It’s a pretty nasty grind and it takes a lot of work to make a few sales.  But, when you have no money to invest you really have no choice.

After almost 4 years of grinding and working hard and writing articles and blogging and building my list and making videos… I started to succeed!  I’m not ashamed to say it felt good.  It felt really good.  Now I actually have people write to me wanting me to teach them how to make a full-time living online!  I haven’t started coaching others yet because I don’t feel I’m quite worthy just yet.  I still have a lot to learn and if I was going to coach another person then I would want to give them the absolute best education and knowledge base possible.

The moral of the story is that you CAN earn a full-time income from the comfort of your living room by working 3-4 hours per day on your computer!  If you should have any questions about Internet Marketing or just need a little advice or a recommendation about the best tutorial to teach you what you need to know, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  You can get my email address and other contact details by clicking HERE!

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