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In this review, I give you a sneak peek into the membership area and show you exactly what this incredible product is all about!  It’s the latest offering from domain flipping dynamo Zach Booker. Booker, who is not a professional info-marketer, decided to produce this course in an effort to show others how he was able to achieve his dream of making a full-time income from his computer.  Now, I know we’ve all heard that story a million times, but in this case it’s 100% true!

As many of my readers know, I only post reviews of products that I own and love, and I don’t like to beat around the bush when it comes to providing honest reviews.  I’m going to say upfront that is the most conclusive product I have ever seen about domain flipping.  It’s pretty obvious right from the beginning that Zach isn’t about selling ebooks and video courses.  His passion is flipping domains for attractive profits, and that shows through in the way he presents the course material.

So what’s it all about?  Well, simply put, it’s about buying low and selling high.  That’s a simple concept that has been around since the very first retail operation opened it’s doors (or whatever passed for doors way back then).  In this case, it’s about making what Zach refers to as “little bets.”  A “little bet” is simply the buy money for a new domain that looks promising.  How do you find the best domains to make “little bets” on? That’s one of the amazing things you’ll learn in, of course.

The course is broken down into 4 main modules, and is delivered in PDF ebook form.  I know a lot of people prefer videos nowadays, but in this case the right decision was made to present the product in PDF format. Zach gets into so much detail it would be absolutely impossible to cover everything in videos.  Furthermore, I like the fact that each module can be printed up and kept right beside you as a reference while you are working.

Here’s a course breakdown:

Module 1 – The Core Methodology

This is an 86-page PDF that breaks down the concept of domain flipping and teaches you the basics.

Module 2 – Methods

  1. The Boilerplate Methods (53 pages)
  2. Premium Method (32 pages)
  3. Marketplace Arbitrage (3 pages)
  4. Crazy Character Flips (15 pages)
  5. Dead Link Arbitrage (23 pages)
  6. Expired Method (7 pages)
  7. Past Sales Arbitrage (16 pages)

Module 3 – More Methods & Strategies

  1. The Offline Boilerplate Methods (36 pages)
  2. Corporate Arbitrage (16 pages)
  3. Local Past Sales Arbitrage (8 pages)
  4. The Hold Method (41 pages)
  5. Office Commission Strategy (8 pages)
  6. Experimental: Broker Takeover (3 pages)
  7. Bonus: Offline Dead Links

Module 4  – Wrapping Up

  1. Reverse Engineering Tactics (10 pages)
  2. Resources (2 pages)
  3. New Opportunities (2 pages)
  4. Scam Watch (5 pages)

As you can see, the main course is very extensive and loaded with top quality information from someone who is already super successful in this industry.  In my opinion, you are being handed the “keys to the kingdom,” so to speak.  Zach makes his courses 100% complete and does not make it so you need to buy the upsell/OTO to be successful (a refreshing change).  The upsell gives you personal access to Zach and also reveals another one of his “ninja” methods that I doubt you would be able to learn anywhere else.  However, let me say this again; you DO NOT need the upsell to make this work. Video Review Is No Longer Being Sold.  Our Sincerest Apologies!

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