Chris Botti And Lucia Micarelli Perform “Emmanuel” at Symphony Hall in Boston! INCREDIBLE!

Posted at April 30, 2013 by Christopher Mollo on category Entertainment, Music Reviews, Music Videos, Musicians

luciamicarelliemmanuelby Christopher Mollo

Now I’ve never considered myself a fan of classic instrumentals. That’s certainly my loss because what I have been discovering is that the music is absolutely beautiful.

I actually came across Chris Botti and Lucia Micarelli performing this particular piece, called “Emmanuel”, on a marketer’s squeeze page!  I know that sounds odd.  An Internet Marketer had actually included this video on his lead capture page!  One certainly doesn’t go with the other, but somehow they fit.  I found myself lingering on the page and clicking the repeat button on the video several times.  Then, because I appreciated this marketer’s gift of music to me, I went ahead and signed up on his squeeze page!

I think trumpeter Chis Botti is extremely talented, but it’s the violin that really enchanted me.  The violinists’ name is Lucia Micarelli.  Some of you who are fans of HBO’s “Treme” may have seen her name in the credits.  She plays the role of New Orleans street musician Annie Talarico.  Here’s a few facts about Lucia from her website,

 “When Lucia left Julliard in 2001 she began studying with renowned violinist Pinchas Zukerman. It was during this time when Lucia began to develop a growing interest in non-classical music. She started moonlighting with local jazz and rock bands in New York clubs and by the following year she had accepted an offer to tour with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a featured violinist and concertmaster.

Lucia was on the verge of a major breakthrough as her profile continued to soar. She received a call from Josh Groban in 2004 inviting her to tour with him performing as a guest soloist throughout his “Closer” tour. Later that year she had signed a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records and released her first album “Music From a Farther Room” to glowing reviews. In 2007 Josh Groban asked Lucia to join him again on his “Awake” tour. After releasing her latest album “Interlude”, Lucia began traveling world-wide with Chris Botti as a featured soloist and was most recently cast as the role of “Annie” in HBO’s newest critically acclaimed series, “Treme”.

Here is Chris Botti and Lucia Micarelli performing “Emmanuel”:


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