100 Best Solo Ad Vendors For The “Biz Opp/Make Money Online” Niches

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best solo ad vendors

This article discusses a very important traffic generation strategy.  Today I’m going to talk a little bit about purchasing solo ads, and how you can make sure that you always buy from one of the best solo ad vendors and get great traffic.

If you’ve ever purchased a solo ad, you know it can be quite difficult to find a quality vendor.

First, you need to be able to find vendors.  Once you find out where the vendors are, you need to read through dozens of reviews and then decide on one to use.

Once you’ve done that, you need to contact the vendor and wait for them to get back to you.  Once you’ve made contact you need to make sure the vendor sells the right kind of traffic for the biz opp/make money online niches.  Once you have done all of that and agreed upon a date for your solo ad to be sent, you need to make payment, then sit back and hope that you just bought good traffic.

Let’s face it- buying a solo ad is not an easy thing to do.  It might sound simple, but it’s much more complicated than it sounds.  Complicating the process even more is the rampant scamming and click fraud that exists in the solo ad industry today.  More and more scammers pop up every day with their bots and other cheap/fake traffic sources and they are all too happy to take your hard-earned cash.

I’ve been using solo ads as a form of paid traffic for about two years now.  In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing.  I think that’s probably true for most people when they are trying out a traffic source for the very first time.  Let’s just say my first few ads didn’t go so well.  I got very poor conversion rates, meaning I didn’t get very many new subscribers.

I think it was my fifth purchase that really blew my mind.  I ended up getting 47 leads on a 100-click solo buy.  I was elated!  I figured the first four solo ads didn’t do well because I had picked the wrong vendors.  The fifth solo did great and so I thought I had “cracked the code,” so to speak.  As I said earlier, I didn’t really know what I was doing, so instead of going on to buy from a few different vendors, I continued to buy from the vendor that had given me such a great solo ad.  I ended up buying 4 or 5 more solos from this particular vendor.  He always delivered fantastic results and his prices were less than the other vendors I had tried. So, I thought, why take a risk with another vendor when I know this one will give me great results?

The problem with that thinking was that it wasn’t that I had chosen the wrong vendors the first 4 times.  I had actually chosen right those times.  It was the fifth vendor who gave me such great results who was actually the wrong choice.  He was scamming me.  You see, the problem wasn’t with the first 4 vendors.  It was with my squeeze page.  Put bluntly, it sucked.  That’s why it converted so poorly the first 4 times.  When the fifth vendor gave me such awesome results, I should have realized then that something was wrong.  I didn’t notice it because I was inexperienced, but more than that, I didn’t want to believe that any of it was my own fault.  I wanted to believe I was doing everything right, when in fact I was not.

I often tell that story to get people to realize that when it comes to solo ads, nothing is easy.  There are many variables that can cause you to fail.

I realized this and that’s when I got the idea for Solo Detective.

Solo Detective is my personal rolodex of over 100 top-quality solo ad vendors.  These vendors will give you good traffic that will convert for you providing you have a good squeeze page and funnel.

Solo Detective is much more than a list.  It also includes a gorgeous squeeze page that you can use to build your list by giving away the rolodex.  You will get full giveaway rights to the rolodex, or “solodex” as I like to call it.  There are also several other fantastic bonuses that will help you to build your list.

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